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Job 1179 - Replace fence blown over by fascia (See Job 1160)          

Industrial Abseiling work on and off-rope to aide our clients construction, repair and maintenance requirements. This job, a by product of a roof repair (see Job 1160), was caused when 70-lm of Fascia blew off a 13-level apartment complex and knocked over a paling fence. CGU Insurance gave Industrial Abseiling the green light and we ordered a new aluminium fence, removed the debri and installed the new one.

There was an installation hiccup - originally a besser block wall was laid on top of a concrete foundation with a capping brick. The besser blocks were not reinforced nor core-filled. In order to remedy, Industrial Abseiling removed the capping, chem-set reinforcing and poured new concrete to erect the fence upon. The fence and the workmanship are top-notched. The chippies, painters, concreters and I worked hard in and out of the rain to knock it over in about 35-man hours.




Job 1181 - Remove grout from pool deck, repair drummed tiles, re-grout and seal          

Industrial Abseilings sixth repeat job for this client has seen the team & I ( Glenn Sandell ) conduct re-grout work for a sandstone pool deck. The job has seen Industrial Abseiling off-rope doing acid washing, pressure cleaning, cutting grout, repairing drummed tiles, re-grouting and sealing the tile system.

The client Garry stated Industrial Abseiling's work was better than when originally done; truly!




Job 1186 - Builders Defects          

Industrial Abseiling were asked to repair expansion joints by a national builder for a VIP client importing and distributing ferrari's, mazerati's and bentley's amongst other very luxurious cars. The job involved four trades people descending between buildings into bush in order to repair expansion joints. In addition to the 100-metres repaired, 3-metres of expansion joint which had been originally missed due to it's assessibility between the cut and tilt-wall was made good by our resident caver Glenn Sandell.




Job 1182 - Repairs to cladding roof system          

Industrial Abseiling have been called to make repairs to a cladding roof system leaking into the luxurious penthouse units of a beachfront complex. The damage is long term and significant resulting in the replacement of the roof foil, adding a new roof membrane and plasterboard repairs.




Job 1142 - Final Clean External          

Industrial Abseiling providing labour hire to another business providing final cleaning services have won and are in the process of completing the final clean for a July 30 client handover. Aas well as cleaning Industrial Abseiling's trades people have been asked to paint, pressure clean, seal and make repairs to defects.




Job 1180 - Remove grime and paint northern elevation of a 16 level + roof apartment building          

Industrial Abseiling were asked to remove grime, clean the window systems with one of our pressure cleaners and squeegee cleaning combintaions then re-paint the affected areas. The damage was caused by a core drill installing wall mounted mounting plates over 25-metres at roof level.




Job 1193 - Dismantle and lower Iconic Logo          

When a crane could not do the job for $200 per hour plus travel and man power; who did they call.. not Ghost Busters (that shows my age!) but Industrial Abseiling. The situation was critical with loose material hanging 18 metres above a gold coast hwy cafe and Industrial Abseiling responded within the hour.

Armed with cordless drills, grinders, and other tethered hand tools Industrial Abseiling installed anchor bolts, tested the bolts with their Hilti Pull Tester to 7,5kn, rigged and descended to the work area to remove the ICONIC LOGO. The job took 6.5 hours from start to finish with a happy client.




Job 1172 - Repair leaking vents by installing an outer vent system and lining vent duct          

Industrial Abseiling were called upon to repair leaking HVAC systems and then install an over-vent to ensure further water damage is prevented. Leif Ernholm and Damien Browning completed the work over several days finishing with painting.




Job 1162 - Remove vent and repair leaking installation          

Industrial Abseiling were asked by an iconic Australian builder to assist them by removing vents down the side a newly cosntructed commercial highrise and assessing the installation and then, once assessed correcting to remove leakage. The process took 14-hours and Industrial Abseiling removed the vents, sealed up the inside of the ventilation shaft, replaced the vent and painted the new work back to original colour.

Repairs were conducted by Industrial Abseiling's Damien Browning and Leif Ernholm.




Job 1163 - Drill weep holes on external awnings using rope access          

Industrial Abseiling have drilled weep holes using rope access to relieve water buildup in the brick cavity of a 12-level apartment block overlooking the beach. Upon drilling Industrial Abseiling's Damien Browning stated that "the water gushed out, there must be 20-litres of the stuff".

Prior to the controlled descent Industrial Abseiling had to remove glass panelling in the balustrade so as to avoid causing damage. The 'sharps' box was ticked on the risk assessment!




Job 1174 - Restoration of a 75-metre and 45-metre Chimney Stack          

Industrial Abseiling have tendered and won over the previous 6-months a project restoring heritage chimney stacks. The job is due to commence in June 2009 and for completion Septmebr 2009.




Job 1102 - Roofing system on pergola over looking the might Brisbane River          

Industrial Abseiling team of carpenters and painters have now installed Makrolon Roofing Systems on exisiting roof structure. The installation by Industrial Abseiling took 2-days and has a 50% reduction in sunlight and 100% for rain.




Job 1151 - Repairs to leaking window seals at Hospital          

Industrial Abseiling had been asked to conduct repairs to seals around leaking windows at a CBD hospital. The work involved removal of drummed render, removing old silicone, making repairs and painting.




Job 1164 - Re-paint belltowers          

Industrial Abseiling have been asked to re-paint belltowers in an inner Sydney Suburb replacing our clients current contractor. The Belltower repaint will take 7 to 10-days and involves, pressure cleaning, prepping and painting from Harness and Ropes.




Job 1222 - Repair broken downpipe          

Overlooking a capital city, Industrial Abseiling installed retro fitted top-hat anchor points and descended to the work area to conduct repairs. The job was concluded with a 30-m elevation paint to cover water damage.




Job 1599 - Confined Space - Membrane ReWork - With Airlines          

Industrial Abseiling spent three days in a 20x20x3m stormwater tank underneath a Residential complex up in Brisbane. The team & I descended the GPT gross pollutant trap and entered the contaminated tank with airlines and full face masks. Industrial Abseiling has 7 full face masks, 16 tanks and a 4 tank airline trolley for this sort of work.




Job 1157 - Roof Anchor System          

Industrial Abseiling have installed and certified a roof access system as part one of a two part quote. The second part being a building wash. The access system has approx. 20 top hat mounts certifeid for 12-motnhs to 12 kn and single abseil use.




Job 1274 - Roof replacement due to storm damage          

The team at Indsutrial Abseiling were called in at 10pm during storms to provide temporary repairs to the roof of a 40-metre building. Over the coming days new roofing was ordered, Colourbond Ultra and scribed in over the top of a new roof blanket. The job was completed and Industrial Abseiling is quoting a second job for the client.




Job 1238 - Descend with scuba gear into a confined space          

Industrial Abseiling were asked by an established client to descend with scuba gear into a confined space to remove debri that has built up within a public pool filtration system. After assigning the job to certified personnel a risk assessment was carried out, the job was then detailed and tasks completed inorder for Industrial Abseiling to return the filtration system to working order.




Job 1444 - Industrial Abseiling conduct Bridge Repairs          

Industrial Abseiling have conducted bridge repairs over water in order to ensure the longevity of this federally funded project. The Industrial Abseiling team spent 12-weeks and climbed all over the structure. Our work was tested with our micrometer and complied to Code.




Job 1188 - Confined Space Entry into wall cavity to repair shattered storm water          

A new client had Stacey & I (Glenn Sandell) descend with a Confined Space Entry permit into a wall cavity to remove and repair a shattered storm water pipe.

Having charged our miners lamps and set anchor bolts we tested the air quality with a gas detector, recorded the results and Stace descended to the work area while I was the buddy.

We removed the old pipe odd size pipe and installed a new one with a header at the top and by inserting the new pipe 400mm into the old at the bottom. The new work was fixed to the wall and we exited the space at 1.45pm.




Job 1231 - Paint eaves at Hunters Hill Nursing Home          

Our client, unhappy with a previous crew caleld us at Industrial Abseiling and we now have our third job in 3-months for this client. This project requires about 350 l/m of eaves to be painted in.




Job 1212 - Repair breakouts          

Industrial Abseiling have made repairs to break outs using silicone and paint. The paint had been bubbling and the breakouts leaking. Industrial Abseiling also found a hairline fracture in the FC and may have to return for concrete injection. The fracture was photographed and reported to the client.




Job 1202 - Install a new banner at shopping outlet          

Industrial Abseiling's carpenters were on rope installing a new banner. The job took the better part of the day as anchor points were sparse and the banner to be installed had another banner over the top of a section of it that also had to be removed and reinstalled in order to gain access to the job.




Job 1209 - Bullet hole in high rise comemrcial complex          

Industrial Abseiling's Glenn Sandell was called by a highrise property manger on a city's fringe to remove, supply and replace a shattered window believed to be caused by a gun shot.

The team conducted a risk assesment then hoarding was erected and then the window was removed and replaced over the course of a few days. The delay was in the supply as the window was not 'off the shelf'.




Job 1208 - Lowering designer lounge to ground          

Industrial Abseiling, referred be another client conducted a hauling exercise by lowering an expensive lounge down 13 stories. This 33 level complex had us rig a static line from the roof top, we then, using pulleys hitched the lounge to the ropes and lowered away. Were did not attempt the cane table as it had flex through the middle and could be dis-assembled.




Job 1091 - Re-fix Balcony Accents          

Loose Balcony Accents around an apartment complex in the CBD have seen Industrial Abseiling mobilise to prevent harm to the public. The accents, to prevent falling are being re-fixed, sealed and Industrial Abseiling's work then painted and cut in.




Job 1103 - New light weight roofing system          

Industrial Abseiling have installed a light weight roofing system over looking the river. The system involved polycarbontae roofing and posts that needed the team to drop over the awning to fit. A fantastic finish - we now have done 5 in the complex!




Job 1017 (Part A) - Installation of Anchor Bolts          

A new CBD client engaged Industrial Abseiling for Programmed Maintenance across three of it's resorts. Prior to work being carried out a number of Stainless Steel anchor bolts were installed by Industrial Abseiling and then certified for manitenance ease. Industrial Abseiling prefers to use structure were ever possible to avoid expense to the client.

Industrial Abseiling, as seen in the pictures ensures holes for bolts are water-tight before moving on. All bolts are tested 48-hours after installation for conformance to the standard before replacement or new-certification and may be of the expansion or chemical set kind.




Job 1062 - Render Repair, Window Cleaning and Elevation Paint          

Industrial Abseiling was tasked to carry-out render repair work and an elevation repaint in two tones, dark grey and white. In this instance Rockote's products were used and upon completion a provided Industrial Abseiling's client a well finished product.

Prior to leaving the site Industrial Abseiling completed a manual clean of the body corporate rope access windows.

The images of Glenn Sandell and Matt Cook show a snap-shot of the job.




Job 1045 - Pressure Cleaning for Builder prior to Final Inspection by Principle          

Prior to handover our client engaged Industrial Abseiling's services to repair scaffold ties, remove protective coatings on aluminium framing and then to pressure clean the complex prior to handover and final progress payment of this residential resort.

The job involved rendering, painting, sealing, pressure cleaning and then upper-level squeegeeing of glass work.




Job 1043 - Repair Expansion Joints and Supply and Fit Stainless Steel Capping          

The photographic diary for Job 1043 shows Industrial Abseilings expansion joint work for this application and the additional waterproofing provided by Industrial Abseiling in the form of stainless steel capping.

The project involved hauling the sheeting after our welders cut and bent the 316 stainless for fitting. Tradespeople on rope used fixings on one side of the capping only to allow for building expansion and contraction. Stainless Steel screws were used into masonry plugs as the task was none structural and through a risk assessment fixings of this nature deemed sufficiet for the task.

The capping looks great and can be seen driving along the Motorway into the CBD.




Job 1037 - Re-Certify or Fail Safety Gear          

A smaller 2-day project involving the certification of compliant safety gear, or failing as the case may be, for a client established in Bridge Climbs. The client takes safety serioulsy and in this 6-monthly audit many tested harnesses though safe to the user, were found not to comply with standard and needed replacement. Industrial Abseiling is a company certified to provide and install safety systems. Systems installed are certifed and tagged and then maintained yearly or as the client's need change.




Job 1017 - Pressure clean awning after 5-years          

Two of Industrial Abseiling's tradespeople spent 2-days cleaning this fluted poly awning system that had 3-lawn maintenace garbage bags of rubbish on it's roof top. The roofing system had on it butts, baseballs, clothing, bottle and yes, used condoms. Bracken and our founder Glenn Sandell spent a tireless weekend working above city traffic with our 22-litre, 25 horsepower pressure cleaner to restore this roofing system to some glory.

Industrial Abseiling clean up after Every job, the pictures even show a clean street around the resort and pressure cleaned outdoor eatery areas.

Footage can be seen of Bracken abseiling to the awning on YouTube. Search Industrial Abseiling to find us or copy and paste http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAqxDGBSwbg then hit enter.




Job 1076 - Remove and replace VB Beer Banner          

Industrial Abseiling was asked by Foster's and a Sign company to remove a large building banner and repalce it with a new one advertising the hotel as the best in Australia.

No tie points were available so ropes were tied off around 4WD's and anchored right over the top of the building.

Two tradies worked on rope and Craig Ashton assisted in traffic and ground management. We know Craig did it tough as three empty cups of coffee and his food scraps were left in our transport vehicle!

On Ya Craig!!




Job 1016 - Waterproof our Feature Foyer Windows          

Industrial Abseilings team stripped this segmented window system of it's bitumen seals and replaced with Dow Corning 999a clear sealant on the exterior and black internally.

The job involved removing internal and external seals, cutting and replacing broken glass panes at height, re-sealing and then moving inside to replicate the external work and then to remove and repair plasterwork, repaint and clean-up. This job lasted around 6-weeks and saved this client a $2000 set-up and then again removal fee for scaffold along with the scaffolds weekly hire charge.

Industrial Abseiling's welder's manufactured fascia and roof capping to further prevent water leakage. Staff have vocally reported no leaks each time Industrial Abseiling have been on-site thereafter.




Job 1014 - Demolish and re-fit Reservoir by Industrial Abseiling          

Over 6-months Industrial Abseiling stripped a working reservoir maintaining the residents water quality and provided this council asset with around 40-years of new life. Reservoirs last around 80-years and this one will now see out the extent of it's usefullness through the dedicated work our Industrial Abseiling team of Rope Access Cladders, Carpenters, Welders, Confined Space Technicians, Commercial Divers, Static Line Specialists, Painters and Builders.

As no enginerring plans were available Industrial Abseiling had to measure and draw the existing structure from beneath the roof-system and then design and manufacture a repalcement roofing system. In this instance the new structure had three seperate coatings able to provide the roofing system with upto 40-years of life in this wet seaside environment - 15 to 20-years more than most.

After removing and demolishing the existing roof, Industrial Abseiling began to replace purlins and stregtheners, re-roof using the exisiting sheeting to save the client dollars and then install bird proofing in the form of a mesh, manufacture and fit stainless steel guttering and down-pipes, leaf guard the roof top and fit a new 80m static line and stainless steel water-proof lock box including safety gear for council manitenance. Industrial Abseiling have gone on to do other jobs for this client.

No cranes were used and all materials were hauled to the roof - The project using Industrial Abseiling saved the client around $45,000.




Job 1472 - Installation of Stadium Lighting System          

Industrial Abseiling's team of sparky's and other trades people did the height work for the principle contractor in the fit out of the new lighting system for the Gold Coast Suns. The ladder climb was a real bugger, especially since we were doing multiple climbs on any given day!




Job 1095 - Industrial Abseiling is Painting Pergolas          

Industrial Abseiling's Industrial Painters have completed working on a 3-week project to prepare and re-paint pergolas. The project involved both fall-restraint and rope access techniques to get the job done. 3D Dulux Nerang has outfitted the boys and I with Dulux Premium Exterior Paint and non-drip rollers.




Job 1515 - Installation of Missile Tracking System          

Industrial Abseiling with a great armed forces crew installed a new missile tracking system to be used later in the year. The team flew over and in ground chilling temparatures and Industrial Abseiling was on rope by sun up and worked till sun down on this project till completion. During down time bream were caught on soft-plastics.




Job 1083 - Expansion Joints needing replacement          

After 25-years expansion joints need attention! One city council asked Industrial Abseilings team to conduct repairs to the expansion joints throughout their complex. The expansion joint seal has been removed and repalced with new beading, foam and sealant. In this instance we used Bostiks flex 1 range, a product recommended for this purpose with +/- 50% expansion.




Job 1143 - Repair water damage to palsterboard          

Industrial Abseilings carpenters and plasterers repaired damage to two units caused by water. Upon repair Kyle, our youngest painter with sanded and a painted the work.




Job 1140 - Descend headland to eradicate Bitou Bush          

Industrial Abseiling had been asked to descend the 64-m headland with spray packs to remove the bitou bush and then re-seed with native grasses. This job wass scheduled for May 09- weather permitting and will be championed by our Horticulturalist, Craig Ahston.

Arriving early morning the team and I, Glenn Sandell rigged the first descent and continued to spray and plant around 85 l/m or 5525m2 of cliff face. As the tide came in at day end two member sof the team were unable to walk out, and too tired to ascend so we rigged up the rescue mate (6:1) block and tackle and hauled them out. Earlier in the work Glenn Sandell traained the team in top and bottom hauling rescues - this was good practice for member sof Industrial Abseiling and interesting to me to see who was really listening hehe...

The team and I completed the 65-m haul, smiled for NBN and local papers, were greeted by whales breeching and slapping - a great day in all!




Job 1160 - Replace storm damage to roof system          

Industrial Abseiling received a call from a distressed Manager as the roof system blew off this 12-level complex during recent storms. Industrial Abseiling worked until 10 in the evening to provide temporary roofing whilst Aluminium fascia, measured and being made to fit is manufactured. The job will last a week and see Industrial Abseiligns Carpenters, Solid Plasterers, Painters, Sparky and Interior Linings staff members keep busy making repairs. This job has been approved by Body Corp's Insurance Company.

The trades employed: carpenters, renderers, plasterers, fabricators, industrial painters, pressure cleaning technicians, exterior cleaners, roof cladders, roof plumbers, electricians, artificial landscapers, concretors, fencers, bricklayers, framing carpenters, glaziers.. abseilers on rope at IndustrialAbseiling.com.au




Job 1154 - Using a Swing Stage remove construction material from window curtain          

Industrial Abseiling's dedicated team worked a swing stage down a window curtain to remove construction materials from a window system. The images show Leif Ernholm (Solid Plasterer), Damien Browning (Carpenter) and Stace Gale (Carpenter) working at heights. Me, Glenn Sandell, I am the guy on this job running around in wind and rain being a groundy!




Job 1152 - Sikaflex louvre curtain and clean          

A national construction company had asked Industrial Abseiling to sikaflex an aluminium louvre system and then clean. The job started at 24 degrees and by days end torrential rain. Industrial Abseiling completed the first five levels as requested and returned the next day, wetsuits on to complete the task from the boom lift to the remaining 11-levels.




Job 1150 - Installation of crane lifted awning systems          

Industrial Abseiling were contracted by one of Australia's larger builders to install crane lifted awnings on the external elevations of a building
1-week from expected final completion two industrial abseiling trades people with tethered equipment descended to the first floor exterior window system and then ascended to the next after the crane lifted awning was fitted. For fitting, Industrial Abseiling drilled holes, hammered in expansion bolts, and aligned the new awning whilst communicating with the crane and then fixed with 19mm sockets on long arm g-force handles. The client, a repeat client, spoke about additional work in the coming weeks. we this this sort of work; great fun!




Job 1137 - Repair rendering carried out by ANOTHER contractor          

Industrial Abseiling have repaired a render job carried out by another contractor as that contractor covered up all the building weep holes. We have been asked to assess the damage and provided weepage for the building. The images show the damage over the last week in two of the apartments.




Job 1126 - Remove and replace box gutter          

Industrial Abseiling's team have removed and replaced a box gutter over a busy main road into the CBD. The gutter had served it's purpose but was no longer repairable and over several days was replaced with a new box gutter. This was off-rope work and charged at ttypical trades person rates clients would expect to find anywhere.




Job 1085 - Extensive Building Waterproofing and Paint          

Extensive render repairs were carried out to the waterisde complex leaking into upper level apartments. The render in many sections after repair resembled a jigsaw puzzle but were easily conducted by skileld Industrial Abseiling tradespeople.

After completion of repairs Industrial Abseiling then painted with a Dulux Premium satin paint in white and also gunpoowder grey tone; the results look fantastic.




Job 1094 - Bird proofing of busy Retail/Commercial Building          

Industrial Abseiling are completing instalaltion of a bird proofing system. The system involves pressure cleaning, spikes and netting a heavy pigeon roost and hatching area.




Job 1086 - Window Cleaning          

Industrial Abseiling conducted window cleaning at ground and first levels of this commercial/retail building. To date, Industrial Abseiling have three more jobs from this client in 3-weeks!!! Jobs of bird proofing, awning repairs above street level and roofing.

The images show Craig Ashton cleaning the retail sub-street level entry way and then mopping up afterwards.




Job 1118 - Remove drumming, repoint brickwork, repair render & paint          

This project involves Industrial Abseiling's Solid Plasterer's, Industrial Painters and Brickies returning a early 200 apartment complex back to pristine condition. Over three weeks the team will work from the roof to the ground repairing the render and mortar of this apartment complex including sub-levels using rope access.




Job 1099 - Final Clean (External)          

Industrial Abseiling have stripped the Apolic Coatings, made repairs to damaged sections and then cleaned this 65m building at Bundall using Industrial Abseilings pressure cleaner. The job lasted 3-weeks and the team & I worked during the rain in our wetsuits; wetsuits normally reserved for surfing. The run-off on the buildings exterior and the weather made this a tough job; the client has told us we will get more work from thema s they are happy with Industrial Abseiling's work ethic. "We stayed and worked on rope whilst others off-rope didn't due to weather"




Job 1106 - Paint steeple style roof system          

Where others have said 'no' Industrial Abseilings client has committed to a yes. This roof, for a residential client has been painted over a period of weeks. About 10-days work including pressure cleaning has been completed and the client is wrapped after 6-years of asking Paint crews with no result!

No scaffold, no mechanical lift; just happy willing workers saying 'Yes'.


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