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Job 1599 - Underground Water Tank - Re-membrane          

Industrial Abseiling, with our airline system and three operators descended below ground to restore a Sewer Tank back to working condition]. This involved removing old membrane and repalcing with a new tanking system. Before handing back to client the tank was tested by an engineer and considered safe to return to use.

Job 1339 - Masonry Fence - Off Rope          

Industrial Abseiling's Bricky Shane's put together a masonry fence. The fence was on a pour by Hymix 20/20 and is built up 1.9m. Glenn will add the finishing touches with a timber entry and structural glass awning.

Job 1162 - Remove vent and repair leaking installation          

Industrial Abseiling were asked by an iconic Australian builder to assist them by removing vents down the side a newly cosntructed commercial highrise and assessing the installation and then, once assessed correcting to remove leakage. The process took 14-hours and Industrial Abseiling removed the vents, sealed up the inside of the ventilation shaft, replaced the vent and painted the new work back to original colour.

Repairs were conducted by Industrial Abseiling's Damien Browning and Leif Ernholm.

Job 1103 - New light weight roofing system          

Industrial Abseiling have installed a light weight roofing system over looking the river. The system involved polycarbontae roofing and posts that needed the team to drop over the awning to fit. A fantastic finish - we now have done 5 in the complex!


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