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Job 1174 - Restoration of a 75-metre and 45-metre Chimney Stack          

Industrial Abseiling have tendered and won over the previous 6-months a project restoring heritage chimney stacks. The job is due to commence in June 2009 and for completion Septmebr 2009.

Job 1157 - Roof Anchor System          

Industrial Abseiling have installed and certified a roof access system as part one of a two part quote. The second part being a building wash. The access system has approx. 20 top hat mounts certifeid for 12-motnhs to 12 kn and single abseil use.

Job 1179 - Replace fence blown over by fascia (See Job 1160)          

Industrial Abseiling work on and off-rope to aide our clients construction, repair and maintenance requirements. This job, a by product of a roof repair (see Job 1160), was caused when 70-lm of Fascia blew off a 13-level apartment complex and knocked over a paling fence. CGU Insurance gave Industrial Abseiling the green light and we ordered a new aluminium fence, removed the debri and installed the new one.

There was an installation hiccup - originally a besser block wall was laid on top of a concrete foundation with a capping brick. The besser blocks were not reinforced nor core-filled. In order to remedy, Industrial Abseiling removed the capping, chem-set reinforcing and poured new concrete to erect the fence upon. The fence and the workmanship are top-notched. The chippies, painters, concreters and I worked hard in and out of the rain to knock it over in about 35-man hours.

Job 1208 - Lowering designer lounge to ground          

Industrial Abseiling, referred be another client conducted a hauling exercise by lowering an expensive lounge down 13 stories. This 33 level complex had us rig a static line from the roof top, we then, using pulleys hitched the lounge to the ropes and lowered away. Were did not attempt the cane table as it had flex through the middle and could be dis-assembled.


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