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Job 1212 - Repair breakouts          

Industrial Abseiling have made repairs to break outs using silicone and paint. The paint had been bubbling and the breakouts leaking. Industrial Abseiling also found a hairline fracture in the FC and may have to return for concrete injection. The fracture was photographed and reported to the client.

Job 1339 - Masonry Fence - Off Rope          

Industrial Abseiling's Bricky Shane's put together a masonry fence. The fence was on a pour by Hymix 20/20 and is built up 1.9m. Glenn will add the finishing touches with a timber entry and structural glass awning.

Job 1095 - Industrial Abseiling is Painting Pergolas          

Industrial Abseiling's Industrial Painters have completed working on a 3-week project to prepare and re-paint pergolas. The project involved both fall-restraint and rope access techniques to get the job done. 3D Dulux Nerang has outfitted the boys and I with Dulux Premium Exterior Paint and non-drip rollers.

Job 1188 - Confined Space Entry into wall cavity to repair shattered storm water          

A new client had Stacey & I (Glenn Sandell) descend with a Confined Space Entry permit into a wall cavity to remove and repair a shattered storm water pipe.

Having charged our miners lamps and set anchor bolts we tested the air quality with a gas detector, recorded the results and Stace descended to the work area while I was the buddy.

We removed the old pipe odd size pipe and installed a new one with a header at the top and by inserting the new pipe 400mm into the old at the bottom. The new work was fixed to the wall and we exited the space at 1.45pm.


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