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28th July, 2009 - Training for 3 of the team to renew certifications          

Internally Industrial Abseiling runs regular training seesions for all or some team members. Three of the team attended a training session I (Glenn Sandell) ran in advanced rescue techniques. Techniques such as raising and lowering a casualty from the top or bottom of a descent. During the session basics were re-visited along with vertical rescue techniques.

This training was in preparation for Job 1174 under the projects tab on our home page www.IndustrialAbseiling.com.au

Job 1085 - Extensive Building Waterproofing and Paint          

Extensive render repairs were carried out to the waterisde complex leaking into upper level apartments. The render in many sections after repair resembled a jigsaw puzzle but were easily conducted by skileld Industrial Abseiling tradespeople.

After completion of repairs Industrial Abseiling then painted with a Dulux Premium satin paint in white and also gunpoowder grey tone; the results look fantastic.

Job 1037 - Re-Certify or Fail Safety Gear          

A smaller 2-day project involving the certification of compliant safety gear, or failing as the case may be, for a client established in Bridge Climbs. The client takes safety serioulsy and in this 6-monthly audit many tested harnesses though safe to the user, were found not to comply with standard and needed replacement. Industrial Abseiling is a company certified to provide and install safety systems. Systems installed are certifed and tagged and then maintained yearly or as the client's need change.

Job 1076 - Remove and replace VB Beer Banner          

Industrial Abseiling was asked by Foster's and a Sign company to remove a large building banner and repalce it with a new one advertising the hotel as the best in Australia.

No tie points were available so ropes were tied off around 4WD's and anchored right over the top of the building.

Two tradies worked on rope and Craig Ashton assisted in traffic and ground management. We know Craig did it tough as three empty cups of coffee and his food scraps were left in our transport vehicle!

On Ya Craig!!


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