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Job 1016 - Waterproof our Feature Foyer Windows          

Industrial Abseilings team stripped this segmented window system of it's bitumen seals and replaced with Dow Corning 999a clear sealant on the exterior and black internally.

The job involved removing internal and external seals, cutting and replacing broken glass panes at height, re-sealing and then moving inside to replicate the external work and then to remove and repair plasterwork, repaint and clean-up. This job lasted around 6-weeks and saved this client a $2000 set-up and then again removal fee for scaffold along with the scaffolds weekly hire charge.

Industrial Abseiling's welder's manufactured fascia and roof capping to further prevent water leakage. Staff have vocally reported no leaks each time Industrial Abseiling have been on-site thereafter.

Job 1599 - Confined Space - Membrane ReWork - With Airlines          

Industrial Abseiling spent three days in a 20x20x3m stormwater tank underneath a Residential complex up in Brisbane. The team & I descended the GPT gross pollutant trap and entered the contaminated tank with airlines and full face masks. Industrial Abseiling has 7 full face masks, 16 tanks and a 4 tank airline trolley for this sort of work.

Job 1076 - Remove and replace VB Beer Banner          

Industrial Abseiling was asked by Foster's and a Sign company to remove a large building banner and repalce it with a new one advertising the hotel as the best in Australia.

No tie points were available so ropes were tied off around 4WD's and anchored right over the top of the building.

Two tradies worked on rope and Craig Ashton assisted in traffic and ground management. We know Craig did it tough as three empty cups of coffee and his food scraps were left in our transport vehicle!

On Ya Craig!!

Job 1444 - Industrial Abseiling conduct Bridge Repairs          

Industrial Abseiling have conducted bridge repairs over water in order to ensure the longevity of this federally funded project. The Industrial Abseiling team spent 12-weeks and climbed all over the structure. Our work was tested with our micrometer and complied to Code.


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