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Job 1209 - Bullet hole in high rise comemrcial complex          

Industrial Abseiling's Glenn Sandell was called by a highrise property manger on a city's fringe to remove, supply and replace a shattered window believed to be caused by a gun shot.

The team conducted a risk assesment then hoarding was erected and then the window was removed and replaced over the course of a few days. The delay was in the supply as the window was not 'off the shelf'.

Job 1099 - Final Clean (External)          

Industrial Abseiling have stripped the Apolic Coatings, made repairs to damaged sections and then cleaned this 65m building at Bundall using Industrial Abseilings pressure cleaner. The job lasted 3-weeks and the team & I worked during the rain in our wetsuits; wetsuits normally reserved for surfing. The run-off on the buildings exterior and the weather made this a tough job; the client has told us we will get more work from thema s they are happy with Industrial Abseiling's work ethic. "We stayed and worked on rope whilst others off-rope didn't due to weather"

Job 1103 - New light weight roofing system          

Industrial Abseiling have installed a light weight roofing system over looking the river. The system involved polycarbontae roofing and posts that needed the team to drop over the awning to fit. A fantastic finish - we now have done 5 in the complex!

Job 1106 - Paint steeple style roof system          

Where others have said 'no' Industrial Abseilings client has committed to a yes. This roof, for a residential client has been painted over a period of weeks. About 10-days work including pressure cleaning has been completed and the client is wrapped after 6-years of asking Paint crews with no result!

No scaffold, no mechanical lift; just happy willing workers saying 'Yes'.


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