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Job 1152 - Sikaflex louvre curtain and clean          

A national construction company had asked Industrial Abseiling to sikaflex an aluminium louvre system and then clean. The job started at 24 degrees and by days end torrential rain. Industrial Abseiling completed the first five levels as requested and returned the next day, wetsuits on to complete the task from the boom lift to the remaining 11-levels.

Job 1045 - Pressure Cleaning for Builder prior to Final Inspection by Principle          

Prior to handover our client engaged Industrial Abseiling's services to repair scaffold ties, remove protective coatings on aluminium framing and then to pressure clean the complex prior to handover and final progress payment of this residential resort.

The job involved rendering, painting, sealing, pressure cleaning and then upper-level squeegeeing of glass work.

Job 1163 - Drill weep holes on external awnings using rope access          

Industrial Abseiling have drilled weep holes using rope access to relieve water buildup in the brick cavity of a 12-level apartment block overlooking the beach. Upon drilling Industrial Abseiling's Damien Browning stated that "the water gushed out, there must be 20-litres of the stuff".

Prior to the controlled descent Industrial Abseiling had to remove glass panelling in the balustrade so as to avoid causing damage. The 'sharps' box was ticked on the risk assessment!

Job 1212 - Repair breakouts          

Industrial Abseiling have made repairs to break outs using silicone and paint. The paint had been bubbling and the breakouts leaking. Industrial Abseiling also found a hairline fracture in the FC and may have to return for concrete injection. The fracture was photographed and reported to the client.


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