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Job 1181 - Remove grout from pool deck, repair drummed tiles, re-grout and seal          

Industrial Abseilings sixth repeat job for this client has seen the team & I ( Glenn Sandell ) conduct re-grout work for a sandstone pool deck. The job has seen Industrial Abseiling off-rope doing acid washing, pressure cleaning, cutting grout, repairing drummed tiles, re-grouting and sealing the tile system.

The client Garry stated Industrial Abseiling's work was better than when originally done; truly!

Job 1016 - Waterproof our Feature Foyer Windows          

Industrial Abseilings team stripped this segmented window system of it's bitumen seals and replaced with Dow Corning 999a clear sealant on the exterior and black internally.

The job involved removing internal and external seals, cutting and replacing broken glass panes at height, re-sealing and then moving inside to replicate the external work and then to remove and repair plasterwork, repaint and clean-up. This job lasted around 6-weeks and saved this client a $2000 set-up and then again removal fee for scaffold along with the scaffolds weekly hire charge.

Industrial Abseiling's welder's manufactured fascia and roof capping to further prevent water leakage. Staff have vocally reported no leaks each time Industrial Abseiling have been on-site thereafter.

Job 1164 - Re-paint belltowers          

Industrial Abseiling have been asked to re-paint belltowers in an inner Sydney Suburb replacing our clients current contractor. The Belltower repaint will take 7 to 10-days and involves, pressure cleaning, prepping and painting from Harness and Ropes.

Job 1209 - Bullet hole in high rise comemrcial complex          

Industrial Abseiling's Glenn Sandell was called by a highrise property manger on a city's fringe to remove, supply and replace a shattered window believed to be caused by a gun shot.

The team conducted a risk assesment then hoarding was erected and then the window was removed and replaced over the course of a few days. The delay was in the supply as the window was not 'off the shelf'.


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