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Job 1083 - Expansion Joints needing replacement          

After 25-years expansion joints need attention! One city council asked Industrial Abseilings team to conduct repairs to the expansion joints throughout their complex. The expansion joint seal has been removed and repalced with new beading, foam and sealant. In this instance we used Bostiks flex 1 range, a product recommended for this purpose with +/- 50% expansion.

Job 1140 - Descend headland to eradicate Bitou Bush          

Industrial Abseiling had been asked to descend the 64-m headland with spray packs to remove the bitou bush and then re-seed with native grasses. This job wass scheduled for May 09- weather permitting and will be championed by our Horticulturalist, Craig Ahston.

Arriving early morning the team and I, Glenn Sandell rigged the first descent and continued to spray and plant around 85 l/m or 5525m2 of cliff face. As the tide came in at day end two member sof the team were unable to walk out, and too tired to ascend so we rigged up the rescue mate (6:1) block and tackle and hauled them out. Earlier in the work Glenn Sandell traained the team in top and bottom hauling rescues - this was good practice for member sof Industrial Abseiling and interesting to me to see who was really listening hehe...

The team and I completed the 65-m haul, smiled for NBN and local papers, were greeted by whales breeching and slapping - a great day in all!

Job 1336 - Strip and Refit Apartment Building Foyer Entry          

Industrial Abseilings team striping and refitting this foyer for a 13-level aprtmetn complex. OUr sparky has isolated power and the refit involves square set corners and texture coatings.

Roof Access System for a 5-tower residential complex          

Industrial Abseiling has been requested to engineer, supply and install a roof access system for roof top maintance and rope access required tasks throughout this waterside complex. The task from commencement will take 10-weeks, 4 of which will be for installation.


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