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28th July, 2009 - Training for 3 of the team to renew certifications          

Internally Industrial Abseiling runs regular training seesions for all or some team members. Three of the team attended a training session I (Glenn Sandell) ran in advanced rescue techniques. Techniques such as raising and lowering a casualty from the top or bottom of a descent. During the session basics were re-visited along with vertical rescue techniques.

This training was in preparation for Job 1174 under the projects tab on our home page www.IndustrialAbseiling.com.au

Job 1599 - Confined Space - Membrane ReWork - With Airlines          

Industrial Abseiling spent three days in a 20x20x3m stormwater tank underneath a Residential complex up in Brisbane. The team & I descended the GPT gross pollutant trap and entered the contaminated tank with airlines and full face masks. Industrial Abseiling has 7 full face masks, 16 tanks and a 4 tank airline trolley for this sort of work.

Job 1181 - Remove grout from pool deck, repair drummed tiles, re-grout and seal          

Industrial Abseilings sixth repeat job for this client has seen the team & I ( Glenn Sandell ) conduct re-grout work for a sandstone pool deck. The job has seen Industrial Abseiling off-rope doing acid washing, pressure cleaning, cutting grout, repairing drummed tiles, re-grouting and sealing the tile system.

The client Garry stated Industrial Abseiling's work was better than when originally done; truly!

Supply and Installation of Static Line          

Industrial Abseiling have been asked to supply. fit and certify the below roof mounted 80m stainless steel static line.


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