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Job 1017 - Pressure clean awning after 5-years          

Two of Industrial Abseiling's tradespeople spent 2-days cleaning this fluted poly awning system that had 3-lawn maintenace garbage bags of rubbish on it's roof top. The roofing system had on it butts, baseballs, clothing, bottle and yes, used condoms. Bracken and our founder Glenn Sandell spent a tireless weekend working above city traffic with our 22-litre, 25 horsepower pressure cleaner to restore this roofing system to some glory.

Industrial Abseiling clean up after Every job, the pictures even show a clean street around the resort and pressure cleaned outdoor eatery areas.

Footage can be seen of Bracken abseiling to the awning on YouTube. Search Industrial Abseiling to find us or copy and paste http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAqxDGBSwbg then hit enter.

Job 1838 - Goodwill Bridge Underbridge Coatings          

Industrial Abseiling have won the tender for the Goodwill Bridge in Brisbane City Queensland.

Job 1193 - Dismantle and lower Iconic Logo          

When a crane could not do the job for $200 per hour plus travel and man power; who did they call.. not Ghost Busters (that shows my age!) but Industrial Abseiling. The situation was critical with loose material hanging 18 metres above a gold coast hwy cafe and Industrial Abseiling responded within the hour.

Armed with cordless drills, grinders, and other tethered hand tools Industrial Abseiling installed anchor bolts, tested the bolts with their Hilti Pull Tester to 7,5kn, rigged and descended to the work area to remove the ICONIC LOGO. The job took 6.5 hours from start to finish with a happy client.

Job 1043 - Repair Expansion Joints and Supply and Fit Stainless Steel Capping          

The photographic diary for Job 1043 shows Industrial Abseilings expansion joint work for this application and the additional waterproofing provided by Industrial Abseiling in the form of stainless steel capping.

The project involved hauling the sheeting after our welders cut and bent the 316 stainless for fitting. Tradespeople on rope used fixings on one side of the capping only to allow for building expansion and contraction. Stainless Steel screws were used into masonry plugs as the task was none structural and through a risk assessment fixings of this nature deemed sufficiet for the task.

The capping looks great and can be seen driving along the Motorway into the CBD.


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