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Job 1650 - Building Restoration (Insurance)          

Restoration of damaged building for insurance purposes including glazing, paint, waterproofing and other tasks. About 45 quoted items in total utilising rope access and fall arrest. Industraila Abseiling is working with a local engineer to bring the quoted items back to code.

Job 1174 - Restoration of a 75-metre and 45-metre Chimney Stack          

Industrial Abseiling have tendered and won over the previous 6-months a project restoring heritage chimney stacks. The job is due to commence in June 2009 and for completion Septmebr 2009.

Job 1186 - Builders Defects          

Industrial Abseiling were asked to repair expansion joints by a national builder for a VIP client importing and distributing ferrari's, mazerati's and bentley's amongst other very luxurious cars. The job involved four trades people descending between buildings into bush in order to repair expansion joints. In addition to the 100-metres repaired, 3-metres of expansion joint which had been originally missed due to it's assessibility between the cut and tilt-wall was made good by our resident caver Glenn Sandell.

Job 1062 - Render Repair, Window Cleaning and Elevation Paint          

Industrial Abseiling was tasked to carry-out render repair work and an elevation repaint in two tones, dark grey and white. In this instance Rockote's products were used and upon completion a provided Industrial Abseiling's client a well finished product.

Prior to leaving the site Industrial Abseiling completed a manual clean of the body corporate rope access windows.

The images of Glenn Sandell and Matt Cook show a snap-shot of the job.


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