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Job 1182 - Repairs to cladding roof system          

Industrial Abseiling have been called to make repairs to a cladding roof system leaking into the luxurious penthouse units of a beachfront complex. The damage is long term and significant resulting in the replacement of the roof foil, adding a new roof membrane and plasterboard repairs.

Job 1154 - Using a Swing Stage remove construction material from window curtain          

Industrial Abseiling's dedicated team worked a swing stage down a window curtain to remove construction materials from a window system. The images show Leif Ernholm (Solid Plasterer), Damien Browning (Carpenter) and Stace Gale (Carpenter) working at heights. Me, Glenn Sandell, I am the guy on this job running around in wind and rain being a groundy!

Job 1180 - Remove grime and paint northern elevation of a 16 level + roof apartment building          

Industrial Abseiling were asked to remove grime, clean the window systems with one of our pressure cleaners and squeegee cleaning combintaions then re-paint the affected areas. The damage was caused by a core drill installing wall mounted mounting plates over 25-metres at roof level.

Job 1150 - Installation of crane lifted awning systems          

Industrial Abseiling were contracted by one of Australia's larger builders to install crane lifted awnings on the external elevations of a building
1-week from expected final completion two industrial abseiling trades people with tethered equipment descended to the first floor exterior window system and then ascended to the next after the crane lifted awning was fitted. For fitting, Industrial Abseiling drilled holes, hammered in expansion bolts, and aligned the new awning whilst communicating with the crane and then fixed with 19mm sockets on long arm g-force handles. The client, a repeat client, spoke about additional work in the coming weeks. we this this sort of work; great fun!


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