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Job 1472 - Installation of Stadium Lighting System          

Industrial Abseiling's team of sparky's and other trades people did the height work for the principle contractor in the fit out of the new lighting system for the Gold Coast Suns. The ladder climb was a real bugger, especially since we were doing multiple climbs on any given day!

Job 1181 - Remove grout from pool deck, repair drummed tiles, re-grout and seal          

Industrial Abseilings sixth repeat job for this client has seen the team & I ( Glenn Sandell ) conduct re-grout work for a sandstone pool deck. The job has seen Industrial Abseiling off-rope doing acid washing, pressure cleaning, cutting grout, repairing drummed tiles, re-grouting and sealing the tile system.

The client Garry stated Industrial Abseiling's work was better than when originally done; truly!

Job 1142 - Final Clean External          

Industrial Abseiling providing labour hire to another business providing final cleaning services have won and are in the process of completing the final clean for a July 30 client handover. Aas well as cleaning Industrial Abseiling's trades people have been asked to paint, pressure clean, seal and make repairs to defects.

Job 1143 - Repair water damage to palsterboard          

Industrial Abseilings carpenters and plasterers repaired damage to two units caused by water. Upon repair Kyle, our youngest painter with sanded and a painted the work.


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