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There is nothing weak or self-aggrandising about the services offered by Industrial Abseiling

Industrial Abseiling focuses on the critical issues and avoids the  mis-direction and bullshit so often accompanying weak and self-aggrandising Service Statements.

Business is Personal and customers utilising Industrial Abseiling for High Rope Access should expect immediate response and job costings working to smaller budgets within the tightening economy.


  • Industrial Painting - "To help you with your preparation, painting and cleaning needs."


  • Window Cleaning - "Dedicated window cleaners trained to be abseiling technicians to ensure that this service is carried out to the same high standards as low level window cleaning services."


  • Erecting Signs & Banners - "Industrial Abseiling provides a great way to advertise your business or loss leader. Industrial rope access is the most economical and efficient means of accessing roofs or building facades for the erection of advertising signs and banners."


  • Digital Photo & Video Survey - "Providing photographic evidence of the cause of any problem so the it can be carefully diagnosed and fixed."


  • Confined Space Access - "Industrial Abseiling provide highly skilled technicians in enclosed areas where there could be a risk of serious injury, ill-health as a result of hazardous materials, or injury resulting in death. Confined spaces such as silo's, light wells, elevator shafts and spaces between buildings are not often accessible by any other means. Industrial Abseiling can provide technicians for both off-shore and on-shore high rope access environments."


  • Building Maintenance & Cleaning - "Industrial, Commercial and Medium to High-Density Residential building cleaning and maintenance is part of our core business. Cleaning and maintenance is carried out in hard to reach places often above or below ground level."


  • Mining - "Some Industrial Abseiling technicians have 2o years or more experience below ground in both natural and man-made caverns. Industrial Abseiling can provide services to mining and other industries below the natural ground level."


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Rope Access



  • Civil Construction - "Working with Principles and/or Civil Construction companies Industrial Abseiling can provide installation, maintenance and inspection services for bridges, elevated carriage ways and tunnels. You cannot fix feelings, you can only fix facts."

  • Safety Systems - "The higher a building the more specialised fire and safety systems become. Industrial Abseiling can protect the building owner and the buildings occupants by designing, installing and inspecting high level roof access & safety systems."


  • Off Shore / Oil Rigs - "Rope Access Technicians can assist the rig foreman and the rig-team in the execution of a multitude of tasks from general maintenance to more complicated rope access job functions over a short or longer rig-stay."


  • Chimney Sweeps - "Industrial Abseiling's trades people can access your chimney for repointing, rebanding or maintenance work. See job 1174 under Projects Tab above.